If there are men who suffer from hair loss or male-pattern baldness, there are also problematic gents who worry about excessive hair growth in the forehead as well. Men who suffer from hirsutism suffer from excessive testosterone levels in the bloodstream. Although unwanted hair growth in the forehead is not as tragic as it may sound, those who suffer from it find it very difficult to groom their hair on a daily basis.  For men who would like to end their battle with unsightly hair growth, forehead laser hair removal is a treatment procedure that is highly recommended.

Men who are completely clueless with managing unwanted hair growth initially resort to plucking stray hairs in the forehead. This is effective since men can pick single hair strands on the forehead. If done incorrectly, the hair strands may break, thus leaving them with a shorter stray hair that is even harder to pluck out from its root. In addition, tweezing or plucking is not ideal if you have a great amount of stray hair on the forehead.

Bleaching creams are also used by some men who are suffering from excessive hair growth. This solution lightens the pigmentation of hair strands, thus making them less noticeable.  The only downside to the application of bleaching cream in forehead stray hairs is that they may potentially cause irritation and redness. Improper use may result in damaged scalp too.

Waxing is a traditional hair removal method that men with unwanted stray hair try out as well. DIY waxing with the use of at-home sugaring kit or waxing set offer long term hair removal. When used carelessly, hot wax may cause burning sensation and injury to your scalp and forehead. There is also the chance of peeling off hair strands that are not supposed to be removed from the scalp. This is a possibility as the sugaring mixture is extremely sticky that it may carry hair strands that you may not want to be peeled off in the first place.

The best solution for unwanted and excessive hair growth on the forehead area is laser hair removal. High concentrated beams of light pass through the skin and efficiently kills the hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth. It is the only hair removal solution that delivers permanent hair reduction which traditional hair removal treatments fail to deliver.

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