Although full abdominal laser hair removal is a common practice among men, there is also a small percentage of women who undergo this procedure. The hair on the abdomen is known to offer insulation, but among women the mere presence of abdominal hair is simply embarrassing. Although the practice of shaving delivers fast results, the outcome is not smooth and silky.  Waxing on the other hand delivers longer lasting results, however not a lot of women have high pain tolerance to endure such a painful procedure.

The process of removing hair on the abdomen with the use of laser offers the best hair removal results for women. Women are expected to have a smooth and silky midsection, and laser hair removal makes this a possibility for them. If your goal is to reduce hair growth on the long haul, laser hair removal offers exactly that and a whole lot more. High-pulsating laser beams effectively zaps away abdominal hair and prevents their re-growth. Hair follicle production is disrupted by laser, thus making it possible for women to have a hair-free midsection after several laser hair removal sessions.

Frequency and duration of laser hair removal session for women depend on the following factors:

–          Thickness

–          Density

–          Hair color

Denser and thicker hair is effectively reduced after 6 to 8 sessions. Women who have minimal and thin hair growth may undergo up to 4 sessions before they can see desirable results. The hair to skin contrast is also considered when approximating the frequency of laser hair removal among women.

Although full body hair removal with the use of laser isn’t the cheapest of body care services, the long term results of hair reduction offers great value of a woman’s hard earned money.

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