Excessive facial hair growth in women is generally depressing. Hirsutism may be caused by a variety of factors which means that it can be managed using an assortment of methods as well. However if unwanted hair growth on the face is caused by hormonal imbalance or problems, oral medications may be prescribed to effectively balance the hormones that are causing extreme hair growth.  Consequently, if the hair growth is due to other causes, laser hair removal treatment is highly recommended.

There are various hair removal methods that women try out to eliminate facial hair growth. Waxing is a common hair removal procedure that women use for their legs and underarms. There are women who use it for excess facial hairs. It effectively removes stray facial hairs from the roots, but the sting and pain that are associated with waxing makes it a less desirable solution among women with low pain tolerance.

Plucking facial hairs is also a viable hair removal solution among women with minor hirsutism. Although convenient and easy to perform, plucking is not ideal if you have large patches of unwanted facial hair growth. It is undoubtedly tedious and time-consuming to pluck the hairs individually, thus making it a less effective solution for moderate to severe cases of hirsutism.

Shaving is the most popular hair removal method among hirsute women. Razors are inexpensive and are very easy to use. Despite these benefits, the chances of ingrown hair development, razor burns, and cuts are high if a woman does not known how to use a razor properly. In addition, shaving only removes the superficial hair and does not go deep within the hair follicles, the portion of the hair which stimulates abnormal or excessive facial hair growth.

Effective full facial laser hair removal is FDA-approved as it safely removed unwanted facial hair on the long haul. High pulsating laser beams goes deep within the roots and damages the hair follicles that primarily stimulates the hair growth process. It is a virtually painless procedure since our laser technicians apply topical anesthetics and numbing cream onto patches of stray facial hair. This application makes the procedure of laser hair removable tolerable. Five to eight sessions of full face laser hair removal will reduce hair growth to as much as 70% to 90%.

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