Our center’s buttocks laser hair removal offering delivers a fast and painless way to achieve a smooth, soft, and silky behind. Although it is typical that women have light and fuzzy hair in the buttocks region, it can be quite uncomfortable at times. When these hairs grow excessively long, they can cause irritation and even develop into ingrown hair which is painful to say the least.

With all these problems caused by small, but unwanted hair in the buttocks, our advanced laser hair removal treatment becomes a necessity among women.

Conventional hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving are not recommended in this sensitive area as they can cause irritation, infection, and abrasions. For instance, trimming the curly hair in between cracks in the anal region may turn into disaster with one wrong move. Improper shaving may also contribute to the development of razor bumps. These dangers can be well avoided by choosing to take advantage of our company’s buttocks laser hair removal treatment instead.

Our buttocks laser hair removal is a procedure most commonly done in conjunction with a Brazilian laser hair removal or a French Bikini laser hair removal procedure. Our tried and tested method of completely removing hair in the genital region through the use of laser is safe, painless, and easy.

Depending on the amount of hair in the buttocks, a single session will only last for five to ten minutes. Our licensed aestheticians apply topical anesthesia on the anal region to reduce the sensation of pain during the procedure, thus making it the more preferred method for hair removal. Lastly, the results of our signature laser hair removal are far more impressive compared to traditional methods of removing hair.

Women who would like to substantially reduce the amount of hair growth in the buttocks are recommended to undergo around six laser hair removal appointments. The cost of buttocks laser hair removal for women largely depends on a number of factors, but we assure you that we price our services accordingly and they are well worthwhile. The price tag attached to laser hair removal also depends on factors such as thickness, length, density, and color of the hairs found in and around the anal region. Permanent hair growth reduction is well within your reach! Simply walk in our laser center and we will be providing you with nothing but great results at the most affordable rates!

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