A hair on the chin or a goatee may look fashionable on men, but on women, this is an obvious call for an appointment for a chin laser hair removal.  For majority of women, unwanted facial hair can usually appear on the upper lip, sides of the face, and chin.  Although laser hair removal is accepted by the FDA and is widely regarded as an effective way to deal with unwanted hairs, you must make sure that the problem is not hormonal in nature.  This means consulting a qualified healthcare professional.

If it has been established that the unwanted hair is not a cause of any problems with your hormones, then you may consider proceeding with a chin laser hair removal procedure.  This type of treatment makes use of long pulse laser that is based on a technology that has been in commercial use since 1997.  The treatment must be administered by a qualified and well-trained laser specialist.  Our laser technicians are trained at the Laser Institute.

When considering treatment for unwanted facial hair, it is important to understand that hair normally grows in cycles.  Usually hairs will grow at different cycle times, which is why treatments would normally involve about 6 to 8 sessions with an interval of about 8 to 12 weeks apart.  This allows the treatment to effectively destroy the hair follicles on the chin to prevent the growth of more facial hair for a considerable period.

There is no question that laser hair removal procedure is one of the more potent weapons in the modern arsenal of hair removal experts.  Normally the ideal candidates for this type of treatment are those with fair skin but with dark hair.  However, our experienced and skilled laser technicians can achieve considerable results with women who have darker skin.  The main consideration though is that laser hair removal is rarely recommended for those with white to blonde hair.

It is also essential to consider that although the hair on your head may be naturally dark, it does not necessarily mean that your chin hair is the same.  The problem with light hair is that the light from the laser will not travel properly to achieve the desired result.  These are important considerations when contemplating chin laser hair removal treatments.

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