Although the bikini region is the least exposed area of the body, it is important to have it cleaned and groomed for hygiene and health purposes. Hair removal of the pubic area is fast becoming a common practice among women. A hair-free bikini region offers the sensation of utmost comfort and freshness. Furthermore, a bikini area free of unwanted hair is less prone to infections.

With all the benefits that can be derived from having hair removed in the bikini region, there is still the question of which is the best method for removing hair in this area of the body. Skin experts all agree that utilizing laser is the fastest and most effective means of removing hair in the bikini region. Furthermore, if you are looking into removing a large portion of hair growth in this area, French bikini laser hair removal is what dermatologists and hair removal specialists would initially recommend.

Unlike Brazilian laser hair removal, a french bikini laser hair removal leaves a small portion of hair in the inner labia. The strip of hair is no more than 3cm. wide and is cut short as well. In addition, a French bikini style excludes the removal of hair in the anal region. For first time customers who have not yet experienced having hair removed on this body region, it’s best to start off with a French bikini style of laser hair removal as this is faster and easier to complete.

The removal of hair located near or within the pubic area is a sensitive and delicate procedure. Our trained laser technicians with years of experience in hair removal will perform the procedure in a fast and professional manner.   You will be well informed, but you are encouraged to ask as many questions as you can before the session starts so you can be well informed of what to expect during and after the procedure.

A French bikini laser hair removal done right will show visible results after around six sessions. The hair regrowth is mostly comprised of fine, thin hair that grows at a slow rate. Don’t be alarmed if the hairs in your pubic region shed off a week and a half after the procedure. This is but a natural reaction to laser hair removal and will subside after subsequent hair removal treatments.

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