Our laser hair removal center offers full buttocks laser hair removal for women that is fast, effective, and safe in dealing with unwanted hair in the buttocks region. Laser emits high-pulsating light into the skin and underneath the hair shaft. The laser light then converts into heat. The heat disables the hair follicle from producing new hair. Full buttocks hair removal can eliminate your problem of excessive hair growth in one of the most delicate regions of the body.

Too much hair growth in the anus and its surrounding regions pose a myriad of problems for most women. For one, long, coarse hair causes discomfort in women. Secondly, unpleasant odor may start to develop in the pubic area due to excessive growth of hair. Lastly, a hairy bum looks unappealing, especially among the women population.

The only safe way to remove unwanted hair in the buttocks region is through the laser hair removal treatment that we provide. Since the procedure is facilitated by our trained laser technician, you don’t have to worry about nicks and cuts that are all too common when one shaves her own buttocks region. Our licensed laser technicians are trained to assess the type of hair in the buttocks region. Identifying the hair type helps our hair removal experts to choose the right type of laser and setting that is required for the procedure. Using the ideal laser frequency disables the hair follicles from producing new hair fast.

Majority of women who suffer from PCOS are known to undergo our full buttocks laser hair removal services too. The abnormal hormone production results in excessive hair growth in the genital region, and usually extends to the anal region. To improve their comfort level, women with PCOS are more than willing to undergo our safe full buttocks laser hair removal.

A full buttocks laser hair removal typically involves zapping away unwanted growth from the anal region up to the butt cheeks. Removing hair with the use of laser is relatively faster, as it only takes our expert aestheticians around 30 minutes for a single session to finish. For desirable results, an individual needs to undergo around six laser hair removal sessions. Our competitively-priced full buttocks laser hair removal system offers a more permanent solution than shaving and waxing hair removal method.

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