Half arms laser hair removal is a common trend among the female population. Unwanted hair growth that are found either in the upper arms or lower arms decreases the level of confidence and self esteem, since society dictates that women should have hairless and flawless skin. To end this problem, women attempt to utilize various methods of half arms hair removal procedures.

It is known that laser hair removal delivers quick and efficient results. Traditional hair removal practices can only go so much as providing hair-free upper limbs for a short period of time. The activity of plucking body hairs from the upper or lower arm is undeniably exhausting and time-consuming. Tweezers, the tool utilized when plucking, may also be incapable of taking out the entire length of hair strands. This ineffective hair removal solution usually results in the re-growth of darker and thicker hair in the upper or lower arms. The traditional shaving method may cause undesirable outcomes such as ingrown hair, itchiness, and rashes. Although waxing guarantees longer term results, it is a rather painful procedure that not all women are willing to experience and endure.

Our trained laser technicians can perform this hair removal procedure within minutes and without all the pain and hassles.

Regardless of density, thickness, and color, half arms laser hair removal only lasts for 10 – 15 minutes or less. This already includes the preparation of the laser and the cleaning of the area after the procedure. Women with less dense hair growth in the arms experience shorter treatment time while those that have thick hair growths may spend slightly more time for the entire laser hair removal to finish.

The use of laser beams sinks deep within the skin surface and into the hair follicles. The heat of the laser destroys the hair follicles and production. Women who complete the recommended half arms laser hair removal sessions will enjoy hair free arms.

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