Inner thigh laser hair removal for women is a procedure performed in conjunction with bikini laser hair removal procedure. The proximity of the inner thighs to the genital region contributes to unwanted hair growth in the upper legs. Removing hair in the upper legs or inner thigh area is a tedious and painful process for a lot of women.

The inner thigh portion features a thinner skin surface compared to that of the lower legs. In most women, hair growth in the thigh area is made up of fine and silky soft hairs that are similar to those that are growing in the genital region. The rate of hair growth in the inner thighs is identical to that of pubic hair growth as well. With all these qualities, one can easily determine that the process of inner thighs laser hair removal is just about the same as bikini line laser hair removal.

The practice of shaving the inner thigh may be convenient to some extent, but it does bring a lot of unwanted problems as well. Regular shaving will bring about the development of dark, coarse hair. Waxing the hair of the inner thighs may result in smooth and hair-free inner skin for two weeks or so, but the procedure is dreaded by many due to the consequence of pain during the hair removal waxing process. There are also individuals who get red bumps or sores after waxing. This may result in irritation and infection if not treated properly.

Depilatory creams, although easy to apply and utilize, are made from strong chemicals that may burn the skin as well. Depilatories are not recommended to be used in the inner thighs as this may cause severe irritation if the cream gets near the genital area. Epilators present the least painful results among all traditional hair removal methods, but epilators may also cause ingrown hair development. The appearance of red bumps is also common among individuals who use epilators in removing the hair found in the inner thigh.

Laser hair removal is undoubtedly the perfect solution to inner thigh hair removal as it does not cause such unwanted results. Under the hands of our expert laser technician, laser only delivers desirable results.

  • The results of inner thigh laser hair removal are longer lasting than waxing.
  • Growth of hair after first treatment is generally slow.
  • Finer and thinner hair is found to be common after the first laser hair removal session.
  • Smoother inner thighs, no red bumps or sores will develop when you decide to undergo laser hair removal
  • A more long term cost-effective option compared to other forms of hair removal methods.

It is quite obvious that inner thigh laser hair removal for women is the perfect solution for your inner thighs hair problems. It’s safe, effective, and affordable than other traditional hair removal practices.

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