When it comes to dealing with unsightly hair at your lower back, conventional methods like waxing or shaving will not be as efficient as lower back laser hair removal.  One of the reasons why shaving becomes impractical as a hair removal solution for women is that some areas of the lower back are extremely difficult to reach without the assistance of another person.  Waxing can also prove ineffective if the lower back hairs are excessively thick, this will only result in a painful experience.

Another consideration is that both of these processes are considered short-term solutions to unsightly hair problems.  To deal with problematic lower back hairs, you would need to subscribe to technologically advanced and long-term practical solutions like lower back laser hair removal, which is also very cost effective.  Considering that the cost of laser hair removal is almost the same as that of waxing, the cost effectiveness is highlighted by the fact that with laser treatment, hair will not grow back for a considerable period.

Comparing laser hair removal treatment with other conventional methods, it can be considered with virtually no discomfort.  The important thing to recognize with laser treatment is that hairs undergo three phases of growth.  The three phases are the Anagen or active growth, the Catagen or regression, and the Telogen, which is the resting phase.  Among these, laser hair removal is only effective during the Anagen phase.

The effectiveness of the lower back laser hair removal during the Anagen phase is based on the fact that the technology successfully targets and destroys hair follicles during the most abundant period where pigmentation occurs, which is the active growth phase.  Because hairs normally do not have the same growth phase, the laser treatment would require several sessions to deliver the best result possible based on individual conditions.

The length of each session can range anywhere from a few minutes to almost an hour in duration.  The main consideration would be the size of the area to be treated as well as the condition of the hair that is being treated.  The treated hair usually falls out after 5 to 20 days after the lower back laser hair removal.

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