Nose laser hair removal is a widely popular treatment that is approved by medical professionals to get rid of unwanted nose hair growths. It utilizes high-pulsating laser beams to effectively reduce the amount of hair growth on the long term. Success of nose laser hair removal treatment largely depends on the skin to hair color contrast ration.

Ideal candidates for nose laser hair removal are those that have fair skin tone with dark hair color pigmentation. Black hair is the easiest to treat with laser, while men with blonde hair may not get desirable results due to lack of pigmentation. Before a nose hair removal treatment starts, laser technicians facilitate a patch test or sample to come up with the number of sessions a patient should undergo to get his desirable results.

Men who recently got their skin tanned naturally or through artificial means will not be allowed to undergo nose laser hair removal. Discoloration and skin blistering are adverse reactions among men with tanned skin who still push to have their nose hairs removed despite prior warning.

Nose laser hair removal in this context pertains to the hair growth that surrounds the nose region. Nose hairs inside the nostrils cannot be treated with laser as the high pulsating beam may potentially damage the mucosal membrane inside the nose.

The portions of the nose region that can be treated with laser are the left and right side of the nostrils and the bridge of the nose. Unsightly facial hairs that are most commonly situated proximal the nose region are safely removed through laser hair removal.

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