The nose laser hair removal is part of an FDA approved laser treatment process that involves the use of laser beams to kill hair follicles in specific areas of the body.  The amount of success can vary depending on the pigmentation of the skin of the patient including the color of the hair.  Based on studies, dark hair absorbs the energy from the laser better making it easier to treat.  This means that patients are commonly tested if they are good candidates for the hair removal treatment.

Women who are considering laser hair removal should realize that they will not receive the treatment if they are tanned. This is because the tan can mess up the pigmentation of the skin, which can result in permanent discoloration or blistering.  This is why consultation with us is important when undergoing nose laser hair removal treatment or any similar type of procedure for that matter.

It is important to understand that removal of nose hair using laser can only be done on the exterior areas of the nose.  This means that it is not intended for the nasal hairs in the nostril area, because subjecting such a delicate portion of your body to this treatment can damage the mucous membranes residing in the interior of the nose.

Laser hair removal though can be enforced on the bridge, lower left as well as the lower right side of the nose, where unwanted hair growth can commonly be observed.  As an effective form of hair reduction, laser hair removal can safely remove unwanted hair in these areas to prevent not only unsightly hair, but also potential redness in the area which is sometimes associated with hair growth aside from common causes of redness on the nose.

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