Admittedly, there are more women who shave their armpits than men, but this does not necessarily mean that underarms laser hair removal procedures are not meant for men.  There is no question that in their entire lifetime, women may shave their armpits up to a thousand times or perhaps even more.  With such a repetitive task, there is no doubt that a more practical and effective approach can be quite appealing for both men and women.

The main concern for majority of women is the safety of the laser hair removal procedure in light of the sensitivity of the underarms.  Harsh as it may sound, this type of treatment is completely safe for the underarms as well as other parts of the body.  Comparatively, it is gentler on your skin than shaving or waxing, with virtually no pain experienced during the entire procedure.

The underarms laser hair removal procedure is a relatively quick one because of the small area of the underarms.  In fact, on the average, sessions do not take longer than 15 minutes.  The treatment makes use of the laser light to target the hair follicles in the underarms to ensure that future growth from the specific follicle would be almost impossible.  It is important to understand that laser hair removal treatment can only have an effect on hairs if it is in its growth phase.

Because of this undeniable fact, there is a need for succeeding laser hair removal sessions to effectively remove all hairs in the underarms.

This gives them a clear idea of what to expect from the treatment as the laser begins to target the unwanted hairs and go through the cycle of removal.  Moreover, because the area of the underarms is comparatively smaller than other parts of the body normally subjected to hair removal, it will be significantly cheaper.  The underarms laser hair removal procedure is a good starting point towards good grooming and hygiene.

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