Our center’s upper back laser hair removal procedure for women is a technological alternative that is provided over conventional methods of removing hair like shaving, plucking, waxing, and chemical depilatories among others.  Some of these conventional methods can be extremely painful, others messy, but overall, they are all considered temporary, short-term solutions to unwanted body and facial hair that can grow uncontrollably.

There is also electrolysis, which is another extremely popular and effective solution, but it suffers from the drawbacks of being time consuming, painful, and limited to small areas only.  Because of these reasons, our laser center offers feasible and cost effective solution for unwanted upper back hair; that which is laser hair removal. Our upper back laser hair removal service has offers the following advantages:

  • Precision – our laser services effectively target specific areas of the body where dark and coarse hairs can be found, without harming the surrounding skin.
  • Speed – the laser hair removal method that we utilize is extremely fast with every pulse taking only a fraction of a second to treat multiple hairs simultaneously.  The laser is capable of treating various area sizes at a rate of about a quarter-size for each second.  This means smaller areas like the upper lip can be subjected to laser technology in less than a minute, while big areas like the back can take about an hour on the average.
  • Predictability – using our advanced upper back laser hair removal treatment, guesswork is eliminated with about 90% of patients reporting permanent removal of hair after 4 to 6 sessions on the average.

The areas focused on by our upper back laser hair removal treatment are from the point of the mid-back up to the bottom of the neckline without including the shoulders.  Our company’s next generation hair removal treatment is also relatively pain-free compared to conventional methods like plucking and waxing.  The average time required for every session is normally about 30 minutes depending on the individual conditions of our clients.

The total cost of our laser hair removal treatment for women substantially varies and is based on the number of sessions required, hair density, and the size of the area to be subjected to laser technology.  The great thing about our very own laser hair removal procedure is that due to multiple sessions involved, we offer exclusive deals and special discounts for first-time clients and loyal customers.  This makes our upper back laser hair removal treatment not only effective, but also affordable.

Enjoy a flawless, smooth back without hitch or hassles with our upper back laser hair removal treatment system!

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